Professional Notes

Dr. Nick Nissley, Organization Learning and Development, School of Education, has been asked to serve on the Milton Hershey School's President's Alumni Advisory Council. Nissley is an alumnus of the school and recently attended a council meeting in Hershey, Pa. The school's mission is to nurture and educate needy boys and girls. Chocolate and confectioneries magnate Milton Hershey and his wife Catherine were unable to have children of their own, so they decided to establish and home and school for orphaned boys in 1909. Today that legacy continues to provide physical, social, educational, psychological and spiritual support to boys and girls and families in need.

Dr. David Penchansky, Theology Department, presented a half-plenary address, "Hokmah (Lady Wisdom) and the Ideology of Monotheism," at the August meeting of the Catholic Biblical Association held in Los Angeles.

Dr. Fred Zimmerman, Engineering and Technology Management, authored an article, "Business and community: pulling together or pulling apart?" in the Sept. 24 Minneapolis Star Tribune. He also authored an opinion piece, "Private schools also address state's tech needs," in the Sept. 22 Pioneer Press. He is not going to write anything more for a while, though. He is going to visit factories.