Professional Notes for March 11, 2016

Dr. Jean Birbilis, L.P., B.C.B., Graduate School of Professional Psychology, has been invited to serve on the Board of Consulting Editors of the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration.

Dr. Thomas Bushlack

Tom Bushlack

Dr. Thomas Bushlack, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of an article, “Lectio, Intentio, and the ‘Twofold Tropological Sense’: Lectio Divina as a Guide to the Cultivation of Practical Wisdom,” published in the The American Benedictine Review 67: 1 (March 2016): pp. 29-57.

William Cavert

William Cavert

Dr. William Cavert, History Department, College of Arts and Sciences, received a one-month fellowship from the Henry E. Huntington Library of San Marino, California. The Huntington has the best collection of historical manuscripts related to British history in Cavert's period of expertise (1500-1800) anywhere in the world outside of the United Kingdom. Cavert noted, "What made it perhaps even more noteworthy was that while there I worked on my current research project, 'Winter and Discontent in Early Modern England,' which asks how people responded to dangerously hard frosts during a period when the English climate was colder than it is today. So I spent January studying winter, but I had to escape Minnesota and travel to sunny California in order to do it."

Dr. Hans Gustafson

Hans Gustafson

Dr. Hans Gustafson, Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, presented "A View From the Trenches: Interreligious Service Learning and Community Engagement for Undergraduates" March 14 at the conference Interfaith Studies: Curricular Programs and Core Competencies at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California.

Dr. Sherry Jordon, Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, is the author of an article, “Re-Imagining: Revisited and Revived,” published in Women’s Press (March 4, 2016).

MurmurationsCoverDr. Mike Klein, Justice and Peace Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences, and students from JPST365 Leadership for Social Justice, are the authors of Murmurations: A Collaboration of Peacebuilders, which is volume two in the Leadership for Social Justice series. The book is a culmination of a Writing in the Disciplines project in a common format: story, theory, collective action, biography and references. Profiles describe and analyze inspirational leadership found in individual organizers and dynamic organizations, encouraging readers to enact their own leadership for social justice.

Profiles and authors include: Northside Achievement Zone - Rachel Sawdy; World Affairs Seminar - Shannon Twiss; Athlete Ally - Taylor Ness; Urban Organics - Jordan McCauley; Casa de Esperanza - Martha McKinley; Nerdfighteria - Madison Pierce; BrightSide Produce Distribution - Mackenzie Burke; Oakdale Community Choir - Bridget Hermer; Theatre Unbound - Stephanie Koehne; Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness - Kelsey Tisthammer; The Copwatch Movement - Gavin Wardzala; Chris Kluwe’s Scarlet Letter - Mallory Tarnowski; Passionate Sisters Fighting for Social Justice - Taylor Mills; Abria Pregnancy Resources - Allison Appleby; Homeboy Industries - Anna Marie Landis; and College Possible - Tyler Bah.

Murmurations is also available on Amazon and will soon appear on Kindle.

Father Steven McMichael

Father Steven McMichael

Father Steven McMichael, S.T.D., Theology Department, College of Arts and Sciences, and Jay Philips Center for Interfaith Learning, is the author of an article, "Christ's Resurrection in Bernardino da Siena's Easter Sermons," published in Franciscan Connections: The Cord - A Spiritual Review (March 2016).

Buffy Smith

Buffy Smith

Dr. Buffy Smith, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department, College of Arts and Sciences, created and facilitated a faculty development workshop titled “Unveiling the Hidden Curriculum on College Campuses” held Feb. 26 at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts.