David Fischer and Sight poster.

Alumnus Brings Catholic Vision to the Big Screen

Meet David Fischer ’01, ’06 J.D., a husband and father of nine, one of whom is a current Catholic Studies student. In addition to his role as president of Saint Paul’s Outreach, he is the founder and producer of Open River Entertainment, a production company Fischer and his wife Laura ’01 named with Isaiah 41:18 in mind, a scripture verse which reminds them that the world is “hungry for the Church, for goodness and for beauty and that God will open rivers in high places to provide for his people.”

David Fischer

When noting the impact of Catholic Studies on his life, Fischer commented on the intentional relationships that the faculty form with their students, something he received from his adviser, Dr. Christopher Thompson, and the late Dr. Don Briel. He described a place where the world profoundly expanded for him: “Catholic Studies was where I started to catch a vision for life and what it could be ... I understood my faith as something that actually could be a powerful tool in all areas of my life.”

Catholic Studies opened for Fischer “the idea that art, literature, entertainment and film are all part of culture.” This exploration of the culture is what planted the seed for Fischer’s current role in the film industry.

“Sight” by Angel Studios

While working as the director of legal affairs and gift planning for the Catholic Community Foundation, Fischer received a call to consider joining a team producing a film on Marian apparitions. What started as a wild adventure quickly became a true career path. He transitioned to full time and began developing content, ultimately becoming an executive producer on the film “Fatima,” now found on Netflix. The latest film being released under Fischer’s name is “Sight,” based on the true story of world-renowned eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang.

It all started when Wang asked Fischer to publish his autobiography. As Wang began telling his life’s story, Fischer knew that it was meant to be shared on the big screen. Wang’s path wasn’t an easy one. He encountered much suffering and persecution growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China, but remained resilient and perseverant, which eventually brought him to Harvard, MIT, and on to help create a technology which would bring sight to millions around the world. Fischer said, “We all have a past, memories that are tough. I see this film as a powerful reminder that no matter what we have been through, God can bring peace to our past so we might embrace the present.”

“Sight” was released on May 24 by Angel Studios, the same studio which has released successful titles including “The Chosen,” “Sound of Freedom” and “Cabrini.”

Fischer credits the ability to do what he does to the strong partnership he has with his wife and the support he receives from his children whom he calls “the best fans a producer could ask for.”

This story is featured in the spring 2024 issue of Lumen.