Double Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and German

Name: Mary Murphy ’24

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Major/Minor: Double major in mechanical engineering and German

Describe yourself in three words: Helpful, determined, and wry

Why dual degree engineering-German? In high school, I studied Latin and participated on the robotics team. Both experiences were transformative, and I wanted to keep up with both in college. However, majoring in Latin is not the most practical language pairing with engineering, so I switched to German. The international internship also sounded like an amazing opportunity.

One thing you are looking forward to in Germany? I am looking forward to little weekend trips while I am there. I am planning to use the year as an excuse to travel all around Europe and meet people from all over the continent.

Best thing about the engineering program at St. Thomas?
I appreciate all the hands-on labs we get to do for our degrees. It is so unique that we have so many resources open to us for personal use down in the machine and wood shops.

What are you researching?
I recently started a project with Dr. Thomas Shephard observing the viscosity and drying patterns of paints with additives. Sometimes when I describe this project to people, they understand it as I am just watching paint dry. But it is more of a cool art project where we use marbling techniques with the paint and hope it dries with the proper texture.

Favorite engineering class so far?
I loved my Mechanics of Materials class! I enjoyed the subject matter and found it applicable to the everyday world, but most of all I found my professor to be engaging and able to explain the subject matter in a very concise and clear way.

What is the biggest myth about being a woman in engineering?
I think that a common misconception is that women in engineering lack balance between their academic and social lives. I find this to be untrue because most of the female engineers I know are a lot of fun and wicked smart.

This story is featured in the spring 2022 issue of St. Thomas Engineer.

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