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St. Thomas Connect

Yoda, Mr. Miyagi, Dumbledore. What do all three of these characters have in common? All are mentors who offer sage advice at pivotal moments of impact that alter the lives of Luke, Daniel and Harry. Movies and literature often take the stance that mentors are only wizened elders. However, that is not the whole picture at St. Thomas; our mentors are much more.

As a member of the St. Thomas Alumni Network (all alumni are members) you have experienced life beyond the Arches, and you have a story to tell. Whether you just graduated in 2021, you’re established in your career or you are retired, there is a place for you on St. Thomas Connect, a digital platform where alumni can connect with students and fellow alumni. We recognize how important it is to establish connections when you are looking for a job or an opportunity to mentor a student. 

Through mentoring, you can help students chart a path that avoids obstacles you faced or share shortcuts that you found to be helpful. Given the opportunity, students might ask you: How did you decide which field to pursue? What was your career path? Which tools did you use to network? 

Over the last four years, more than 2,000 student-alumni connections were made through St. Thomas Connect, and we are deeply grateful to the many alumni who are already on the platform making a difference for students.  

Maybe you are looking for assistance with your own job search or would like to network with other Tommies. St. Thomas Connect allows you to form meaningful connections and share opportunities. You can join groups that interest you, be active on the discussion boards and utilize the resources the university has curated for you.  

If you haven’t joined yet, visit to create your account and start connecting today.

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