Retirees' Celebration is May 22

A celebration to thank more than 90 retiring employees for their years of service to St. Thomas will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday, May 22, in Woulfe Alumni Hall in the Anderson Student Center. A program will begin at 3:30 p.m.

“These individuals helped to build an outstanding university,” President Julie Sullivan said. “We are grateful for their dedication and their years of hard work, and we wish them the very best as they begin a new phase in their lives. We will miss them!”

Employees who are retiring this academic year include the following faculty and staff, as well as several individuals who asked not to be identified:

Deborah Amon, Card Office

JoAnn Andregg, Athletics

Dr. Sarah Armstrong, Personal Counseling

Dr. Carlos Badessich, Modern and Classical Languages

Linda Lee Borovansky, University Relations

Dr. Joseph Brom, Chemistry

Fred Capuzzi, Institutional Effectiveness

Roger Casey, Athletics

Pamela Christensen, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Barbara Clausen, Payroll

Dr. Thomas Connery, Communication and Journalism

Roger Cooney, Opus College of Business

Eloise Coppersmith, Undergraduate Enrollment Services

Thomas Couillard, University Relations

Dr. Palahela Dayananda, Mathematics

Josie Driscoll, University Relations

David Durenberger, National Institute for Health Policy

Mary Dvorsky, Undergraduate Enrollment Services

Phyllis Dykhuizen, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

Robert Emerson, Development

Anthony Erickson, Bookstore

Jane Fennell, Murray Institute

Allen Fischer, Public Safety

Sue Focke, Art History

Marla Friederichs, Undergraduate Enrollment Services

David Geurts, Physical Plant

Dr. Kenneth Goodpaster, Opus College of Business

Donna Grubish, Gainey Conference Center

Thomas Guion, Service Center

Dr. Linda Halverson, President’s Office

Dr. Steven Hansen, Computer and Information Sciences

Dr. Nancy Hartung, Biology

Dede Hering, Tommie Central

John Hershey, University Relations

Dr. Thomas Hodgson, Athletics

Sandra Hoglund, Opus College of Business

Steve Homan, Dining Services

Dr. Susan Huber, Executive Vice President and Provost

Linda Hulbert, O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center

Carole Jacobs, Communication and Journalism

Ann Johnson, Opus College of Business

Elizabeth Johnson, Information Resources and Technology\

Barbara Joynson, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Lisa Keiser, Health and Human Performance

Bill Kirchgessner, University Relations

Alfred Kisling, Payroll

Dr. Amelia Kritzer, English

Dr. Sam Levy, Information Resources and Technology

Lowan Linse, Gainey Conference Center

Virginia Lyons, University Relations

Father John Malone, Mission

Lynda McDonnell, ThreeSixty Journalism

Dr. Jeff McLean, Mathematics

Phyllis Meath, Purchasing

Dr. Thomas Mega, History

Randy Mueller, Physical Plant

Theresa Namusisi, Dining Services

David Naugle, Information Resources and Technology

Dr. Lon Otto, English

Dr. Peter Parilla, Sociology

Pamela Phairas, Opus College of Business

Dr. Joan Piorkowski, English

Dorothy Piper, Dining Services

Dr. Shirley Polejewski, Opus College of Business

Dr. Brenda Powell, English

John Purdy, Communication and Journalism

Patricia Reinhardt, Modern and Classical Languages

Peter Rhode, School of Engineering

Dr. Karen Rogers, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

Michael Rowan, Development

Robert Rudie, Physical Plant

Mary Jo Rylander, Dining Services

Sister Paul Therese Saiko, School of Divinity

Dr. Jane Saly, Opus College of Business

Dr. Timothy Scully, Communication and Journalism

Julie Seykora, Institutional Effectiveness

Jane Shriver, O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library

Dr. Susan Smith-Cunnien, Sociology

Susan Sonnen, Alumni and Constituent Relations

Joanne Springer, Dining Services

Bryan Strain, Human Resources

Dr. Michael Sullivan, Opus College of Business

Alice Svoboda, Gainey Conference Center

Scott Taylor, School of Law

Stephen Uhls, Physical Plant

Dr. Robert Werner, Geography

Maureen Weslander, Development

George Williams, Opus College of Business

Peter Willner, Public Safety