School of Law Receives Pair of Top 10 Rankings in The Princeton Review

The University of St. Thomas School of Law is one of the top 10 law schools in the nation when it comes to best professors and best quality of life, according to a new study released Wednesday by The Princeton Review. The school ranks No. 8 and No. 4, respectively.

These new rankings add to UST School of Law’s recent recognition as the No. 1 law school in the nation for practical training and the No. 1 law school in the nation for externships (both ranked by The National Jurist).

On The Princeton Review’s 2015 “Best Professors” list, UST School of Law ranks No. 8, up from No. 9 last year. This ranking is based on student answers to survey questions concerning how good their professors are as teachers and how accessible they are outside the classroom. Also named on the list are Duke, Boston University, University of Virginia, Washington & Lee, University of Chicago, Pepperdine, Stanford, Samford and Regent.

The Princeton Review reports that UST School of Law students said the following about their professors:

The professors here are all “outstanding,” “welcoming,” and “available” with “incredibly impressive resumes” and a love of teaching. They “go above and beyond what is required in order to help students succeed,” and “it creates a very stimulating environment.” “They want to be there and they care about our futures and our ability to grasp the information.” “St. Thomas put time and effort into recruiting some of the best legal minds in the nation and it is shown by my own understanding of the material.”

On the 2015 “Best Quality of Life” list, UST School of Law ranks No. 4 after slipping out of the top 10 last year following consistent appearances since 2008. This ranking is based on student answers to survey questions on: whether there is a strong sense of community at the school, how aesthetically pleasing the school is, the location of the school, the quality of social life at the school, the school’s classroom facilities and the library staff. Also named on that list are University of Virginia, Duke, Chapman, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Samford, NYU, University of Colorado and University of Michigan.

Among the comments made by UST School of Law students about their quality of life, The Princeton Review reported:

“Everyone here – not just the deans, professors, and admissions and registrar staff, but even the custodians, cafeteria employees and the security personnel – strive to create a community in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity,” says a student.

Also included in the report are student observations on the reputation and preparedness of UST School of Law graduates:

The school has steadily gained a reputation in the Twin Cities legal community for producing “great ethical lawyers.” Not only are the students prepared to do the right thing, but through the experiential learning and practical experiences available, “UST graduates already have the work experience to save employers time and money training them.”

The 2015 edition of The Princeton Review’s “Best 169 Law Schools” publication includes insight from more than 19,500 law students, as well as data from law school administrators. The ranking tallies factor in data from surveys completed during academic years 2013-14, 2012-13 and 2011-12. The surveys asked students about their school’s academics, student body and campus life, and their career plans.

To view a full list of national rankings achieved by UST School of Law, click here. To read The Princeton Review’s “Best 169 Law Schools,” click here.