The Scroll: O, The Weather Outside is Frightful!

I finally have taken note of the trap that is annually set and baited for me around this time of year: a negative attitude. I tend to fall into it because, let’s face it, life isn’t easy right now: a lot of loose ends to tie up, papers and finals to finish, moving of some sort to do, limited time with friends, Christmas gift crafting that I don’t have time for, and planning, planning, planning to do.

Lisa Weier The Scroll

Lisa Weier

When snow fell on snow this past weekend, it could have just been the icing on top of my complaint cake; however, while walking across campus in the new, frosty stuff, I found myself thankful for it. I had fun compiling this list of 10 reasons why I, and perhaps you, should appreciate the abundance of white outside:

  1. That burning, tingly feeling on our cheeks. I’ve psychologically learned to associate it, in a Pavlovian way, with hot chocolate. Whenever we would go sledding as kids, we’d get a cup. Cold cheeks also make me crave marshmallows.
  2. Inconvenience. Please don’t stop reading! I fully sympathize with any car accidents, difficulty of travel, frostbite and slips on the ice (as does my computer; it’s gotten a dent or two from this particular phenomenon). I’ve just realized that difficult things are often the ones that help me to grow the most if I take advantage of the opportunity. I’ve already found this snowstorm to be a good chance to be more patient and to sacrifice some time to lighten others’ loads.
  3. Extreme Makeover: Campus Edition. Brown has never been my favorite color. I appreciate, then, how a white cloak settles down on us during the winter months. In my opinion, the trees especially look beautiful.
  4. All things warm. They’re that much better when it’s this cold!
  5. The dream of a snow day. Perhaps we were spoiled as freshmen, but now every time it snows more than a couple of inches, we have the beautiful hope rise in our hearts that classes will be canceled and we can devote a day to being highly irresponsible, watching movies and sleeping in.
  6. The odds of having a white Christmas. They have increased exponentially!
  7. Less likely to be snuck up on. As I traversed the campus sidewalks, I saw two chatting ROTC women, quite visibly. Their camouflage wasn’t really helping them blend in as much as it usually does. Between this irony and the crunching sound of feet connecting with snow, I’m slightly more difficult to take by surprise … unless I get thwacked by a snowball.
  8. Snowballs and snowmen. This is the thick, heavy, sticky snow that is perfect for making forts and snowmen, and engaging in a good snowball war or two. As a former child, I take delight in the prospects of play for all. As soon as I have less on my plate, I will make good attempts at it.
  9. It’s Minne-snOw-ta. I knew what I was getting into when I moved to Minnesota. Let’s just say that I didn’t expect tropics. This time of year, it should be snowy here; I really appreciate having all four seasons be what they should.
  10. Less guilt about not knowing where I am. I have a real talent and reputation for getting lost.  Driving to St. Thomas on Monday, I realized that almost all of the St. Paul street signs are covered in snow. Yay! Something to blame my faulty navigation on!

So, there it is, folks! I hope you are able to enjoy the snow while it lasts and the winter as it comes. I know I’ll be doing my best to do so.

P.S. My next blog post for The Scroll should be from Rome, Italy. I’m studying abroad there in the spring. Arrivederci, fellow Americans!