Six Characteristics of the Immigrant Perspective on Business

The Opus College of Business’ Diversity Insights Breakfast Series recently welcomed Glenn Llopis, founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership, for a discussion on the values immigrants bring with them that are relevant to business leaders. He spoke to a group of corporate and nonprofit participants about the six characteristics of the immigrant perspective:

  1. See opportunities even in unlikely places—anything is possible
  2. Anticipate the unexpected—where there is no normal, crisis management may be the norm
  3. Unleash your passion—follow where your interests lie
  4. Have an entrepreneurial spirit—in many countries survival depends on entrepreneurship
  5. Work with a generous purpose—the favor you give will come back to you
  6. Leave a legacy—treat everyone like family

In a global world the lessons immigrants have to offer can be the difference between success or failure in business.

The Diversity Insights Series is presented by the Opus College of Business in partnership with the Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity. Offered quarterly, the series will feature individual speakers or panels focused on current and emerging issues on workplace diversity and inclusion topics.


To learn about the next events in the series taking place on January 17 and June 13, visit the Diversity Insights webpage.