Spring is here!

Spring is already here! No more snow and cold weather. But spring means more than that to us, it means that we finished the first half of our second semester. We are only one month and half away to finish our first year in the Full-time UST MBA program.

Midterms this semester were not as stressful as last semester. We only have two midterms compared to four plus our team project in the fall. Of course this semester we also have a major team project in our ABR class and several small assignments in operations that contribute to the workload, but nothing is more stressful than a test. So if you know how to handle your time – and believe you will know after the first semester – you will have time to fulfill the requirements of your projects plus study for your two midterms without losing any sleep.

Now we have a whole week to recharge our batteries to start our second half of this semester. I hope everybody have a great spring break.