St. Thomas is new home of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

St. Thomas is new home of American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

The University of St. Thomas Philosophy Department is the new publishing headquarters for the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, the 82-year-old journal of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.

Dr. David Clemenson

The quarterly moves from the University of Dallas to St. Thomas – a decision announced at the ACPA's national meeting held recently in Omaha, Neb.

Three St. Thomas philosophy faculty will staff the publication: Dr. David Clemenson, associate professor, was named editor. Dr. Catherine Deavel, associate professor, and Dr. Christopher Toner, assistant professor, will assist him.

“It is a real honor to have a journal of this distinction housed at St. Thomas, and a testament to the scholarly reputation of our Philosophy Department as a whole,” said Dr. Marisa Kelly, dean of UST's College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Catherine Deavel

Dr. Sandra Menssen, Philosophy Department chair, said she believes the size, breadth and depth of St. Thomas' 23-member department were factors in ACPA's decision to move the journal to St. Thomas, as well as Kelly's support and the quality and range of Clemenson's scholarly work.

Menssen noted Clemenson's openness to diverse philosophical traditions, "both analytic and continental." His scholarly interests focus on late scholastic and early modern philosophy, particularly on Descartes' metaphysics. Deavel studies ancient Greek philosophy, metaphysics and the philosophy of literature, including popular literature, and Toner focuses on moral theory and medieval philosophy.

Dr. Christopher Toner

A large number of Philosophy Department faculty have offered to help with the journal, as have some ACPA members from other departments.

“The choice of UST as host for the journal is a mark of respect for the university and the Philosophy Department. It represents an outstanding opportunity for service to the Catholic philosophical community," Clemenson said.