Staff Mentorship Program kicks off second year

Staff Mentorship Program kicks off second year

The university's popular Staff Mentorship Program began its second year last month, with 25 percent more participants than the program had in 2007.

The UST Staff Mentorship Program began as a pilot program last year. A voluntary program that pairs experienced staff with less experienced staff in a mentoring relationship, it helps staff to cultivate contacts, explore challenges and enhance effectiveness as they design their personal growth and career paths at St. Thomas. The program also provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, learn more about management and better understand the university's institutional culture.

At the program's 2008 kickoff celebration Aug. 6, Father Dennis Dease, St. Thomas' president, remarked, "An institution's culture is an institution's soul … passed along by experienced mentoring. … A good mentor is worth his or her weight in gold." He also recalled lessons learned from his own mentors, including St. Thomas trustee John Morrison, who taught him "it's always important to have a backup plan"; Father John Malone, vice president for mission, who showed him "a model of priesthood" can, at the same time, be "irreverent, impertinent and always hilarious"; and the late Monsignor Terrence Murphy, Dease's predecessor, who told him, "Stay with it, the path will reveal itself."

Malone also spoke at the event, explaining the origin in Greek mythology of the word "mentor" and the etymology of the word, "mission," from the Latin missum, meaning "to be sent." "We are institutionally and individually here because we were sent," Malone told mentors and mentees. He also reminded them, "The best things you have are the things you have received, not the things you have achieved."

Congratulations were offered to the 37 mentors and 38 mentees who are participating in the program this year:



Aaron Macke

Stacy Bacon

Bill Woodson

Barbara Baker

Pat Sirek

Cassie Bean

Mike Barrett

Janet Becker

David Hottinger

Colleen Casey-Simonson

Chris Gregg

Michael Cole

Jennifer Wake

Christy Dammen

Nate Rolloff

Brooke Dierkhising

Karen Lange

Laurie Dimond

Rachel Wobschall

Angela Dzik and Kristi Flanagan-Villar

Debbie Battis

Rebecca Falkum

Karen Harthorn

Shaun Faricy

Jerry Anderley

Tim Fischer

Liz Johnson

Annie Hanebuth

Barbara Clausen

Mary Harnan

Laurie Dimond

Angela Harousis

Jen Hladik

Julie Jepma

Peter Breuch

Marti King

Sam Levy

Chad Kluck

Jen O'Brien

Julie Anne Larkin

Nora Fitzpatrick

Betsy Lofgren

Georgia Fisher

Marlin Meendering

Nancy Zingale

Shelley Meyer

Doug Hennes

Steph Monogue

Phil Hoeppner

Marie Morzenti

Don Beyers

Beth Murphy

Richelle Wesley

Nichole Pazdernik

Ed Erickson

Julie Quello

Linda Halverson

Arlene Robinson

Carol Wilkie

Nancy Shoen

Debbie Shelito

Megan Smith

Tara Brokowski

Jamie Stripe

Edna Comedy

Vincent Thomas

Joanne Herber

Paige Von Bank

Mark Dienhart

Bill Woodson

LuAnn Hudson

Margaret Zawasky

Helen Hunter

Gina Zitzer

The Staff Mentorship Program is a collaborative effort of the Human Resources Department and the Office of Institutional Diversity.

For more information, visit the Staff Mentorship Program Web page, e-mail the program or call Gina Zitzer, (651) 962-26901.