Sticking to the Sidewalks

I’ve spent the last few weeks hurrying from classes, to appointments, to scarfed-down meals and to busy work shifts, all the while disregarding sidewalks and cutting ’cross grassy areas to meet the next deadline. I am dreading the huge pants-soaking drifts that will soon bar my way, the sure-to-come sensation of frozen limbs, the random wipeouts on craftily covered patches of ice.

But as I recently sat in my dorm in red, flannel pajamas, basking in the glow of nothing but a bed lamp and a string of colored lights, I saw the first serious flakes of the season flirting with the air, dancing and, finally, landing softly on the ground. I saw St. Thomas students momentarily neglecting adulthood for a snowball fight or falling backwards to leave an angelic imprint. It seemed fitting that a dorm room or so over, someone listened to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” It was very easy at that moment to realize how blessed I am to live here and to be thankful for life.

So, moral of the story: no more cutting my way through campus. Snow will be sticking to the sidewalks and, as it is cleared off of them, so will I. The holidays are pending, hot chocolate is brewing and I will be modeling an abundance of red winter wear to boot (pun fully intended). It will be long, it will sometimes be inconvenient, it will sure as heck be cold, but it will be beautiful. It is beautiful.

Welcome, winter. I’ll expect another snow day out of you this year. 🙂