Student Association election results and the year ahead

We have seen over the past several years the disastrous and catastrophic results of leaders who lack integrity and authenticity in their leadership.  More than ever, our business world, and society at large, is in need of persons who maintain an ethical vision that holds the values of their constituents while being fiscally responsible.

- Roman Savchenko
2010-11 UST MBA VP of Finance

In his powerful and commanding speech, Roman, a first-year full-time MBA student, captured the attention of every student, administrator, faculty, and staff present at the Student Association elections with this opening statement.  Thursday, February 25, 2010, members of the Class of 2011 presented ideas, passion, and leadership characteristics while running for various offices of the Student Association, the student governing body for the Full-time UST MBA program.

I was fortunate to have been selected as the incoming S.A. President, and felt especially honored after my talented peers also running for the position shared their hopes and dreams for the program and the many ways they planned to achieve those goals.  I am energized by the initiative shown by so many in my class for developing plans of action and running for various positions on S.A.  One goal I have, as President, is to increase the involvement of and communication with the students who don’t hold SA positions but have great visions for this program and ideas of how to get there.

Involvement with Student Association is one of the many avenues students in this MBA program can become more invested in and help shape the future of the UST MBA experience.  I look forward to working with my fellow S.A. members, peers, and administrators to increase interactions with alumni and professionals in the Twin Cities area and to building tools or programs through which to do this.  I also hope to strengthen structures already in place that facilitate the relationships between first and second year students.   These connections are invaluable in assisting the integration of new students into our culture and helping them develop into the leaders of the Class of 2012.

The number of students running for positions on Student Association, the passion about the program they showed in their speeches and the great turnout of members of all types of the UST community at elections are indicative of the exciting future of this program.  I am humbled to be leading such an incredible group of intelligent and authentic young professionals over the next year.  As Roman’s opening quote stated, our world is in need of ethical leaders who uphold the values of their constituents, and I believe Thursday’s election illustrated that those leaders are found right here, in the UST MBA Class of 2011.

Incoming 2010-11 Officers

President Kelsey Luers
Vice-President, Internal Affairs Karine Korman
Vice-President, External Affairs Joan Cummings
Vice-President, Finance Roman Savchenko
Vice-President, Communication Nandini Jaipuriyar
Vice-President, Clubs John Hutchinson
Vice-President, Ethics Bill Grau

Kelsey Luers, is the 2010-11 UST MBA Student Association President