Student Time Capsule: The First Day

We're keeping a modern time capsule of sorts by asking graduate business students to (anonymously) share their experience now—and periodically throughout the program. Today's topic: the first day of school.

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about your first day of UST MBA classes?

“I’m mostly so excited that I can’t quite get past orientation. I’m picturing first day of school jitters from everyone in class. I feel like it will be the “grown-up” version of undergrad, where there are discussions that everyone actually wants to contribute to (or so I hope!). Also unlike undergrad, it will be a different dynamic because there will be people of all different ages, education backgrounds and careers.”

“I am extremely excited!  I can’t wait to meet my professors, interact with other students, and start learning.  I can’t wait for the semester to begin, and am really looking forward to Orientation to kick off the program!  I’m sure that ‘first day of school’ feeling may set in a little—a few nerves, but overall lots of excitement.”

“I am thinking about how good it will feel to work toward something I have wanted for a long time, even if it that means spending the weekend with my homework.”

“Gulp! I’m excited to begin this long talked about journey. I have high hopes that an MBA will advance my career path, but admittedly I’m very nervous about going back to school!"

How do you think these answers will change after your first semester?

“I think I could be surprised by the classroom environment. I want to keep an open mind to all possibilities. I also think that excited feeling I have right now about studying, reading, and doing homework will diminish a little when busy season at work starts right around the time of finals for the semester. I’m hoping I can keep up the enthusiasm through the tough parts though too!”

“I think getting into a rhythm will make things easier as the semester progresses.”

“I am hoping they won’t change much, and that I stay thoroughly excited and engaged throughout my entire time at UST!  Hopefully my apprehension will be at ease, and I will learn how to successfully balance school, studying, work, and my social life in no time.”

“Hopefully, I come back and say two things: 1. I didn’t miss the bus. 2. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

“I hope after my first semester I will start feel more comfortable navigating St. Thomas. I hope that I will feel part of a culture and have a better understanding of my resources.”

Watch for future updates from our Student Experience Time Capsule throughout the next few semesters as we keep up with students during their time in the program.