Take it From Me…Beware the Creative e-mail Address

We live in a world where meeting, getting-to-know you, and decision-making happens regularly and sometimes solely through e-mail correspondence. For the UST MBA programs, this is often the medium for first impressions with the admissions advisers, the people who make the decision on your acceptance or rejection.  Today let’s talk about the very first of first impressions in this world of cyber communication, your e-mail address.

Each morning, I roll into work, turn on my computer and open Outlook. The first thing I see is a list of new e-mails from colleagues and applicants: cmeakins@stt... fnovak@mm... mark.stevens@gen... sally.smith@gm...

On occasion, I open my inbox and find an e-mail address like the following:

  • mkfatty@hot... his last name is not “fatty”
  • 2hott4u@yah... possibly a true statement, but is that the best first impression you can make?
  • PaRtYkArEn@com... no explanation needed here
  • The_Monkey_it_Sings@gm... OK, this one is my little brother’s, but I’m proving a point here

It is not an egregious faux pas to have a…um…“creative” e-mail address, but I recommend you opt for a more professional one to conduct your business, including the business of gaining acceptance to a renowned business school, like St. Thomas. Remember, first impressions are important, and your e-mail address is often the very first.

Take it from me, unique e-mail addresses will certainly get the attention of your admissions representative, but consider if it is the kind of attention that will engender confidence in your professional capabilities.