Tech Tuesday: Technology questions? Contact the Tech Desk

Tech Tuesday: Technology questions? Contact the Tech Desk

From Information Resources and Technology

IRT offers a variety of ways to get help with your technology questions: by phone, e-mail, in person or on the Web. Today's article provides an overview of Client Services and the types of technology issues each of our teams is dedicated to solving.

The Tech Desk

The best place students and staff can go for technology help is the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230. All phone calls and e-mails coming into the Tech Desk are turned into work tickets entered into our ticketing software called Web Help Desk. Many of the issues are resolved by student employees who staff the Tech Desk before being assigned to an IRT staff member.

Blackboard problems, password resets, Murphy online access and basic PC/Mac/software issues are typical of the calls resolved at the Tech Desk. Issues that cannot be resolved at the Tech Desk are escalated to Rapid Response, CORE, the Academic Technology Consultants or another department within IRT.

Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Team provides site visits that are of the break-fix variety, software and client installs, classroom emergencies, new computer replacements in the summer, and booking and supporting classroom technology. Its goal is to respond rapidly to computing and classroom issues that impede work at the university. Classroom emergencies are Rapid Response's highest priority and are responded to within 10 minutes.


CORE team members are assigned to administrative departments across campus and are dedicated to the department's technology support needs. CORE team members also are responsible for managing UST's desktop environment. They manage Sophos, our campus anti-virus solution and Altiris, our tool that pushes patches; they lead the summer computer replacement project, manage campus printing, and are certified in Macintosh and PC hardware repair.

Academic Technology Consultants

Every academic department has an Academic Technology Consultant (ATC) dedicated to the department's technology support needs. ATCs provide general technology assistance, including training; application consulting for instruction and research; and in partnership with Web and Media Services, help with Web-based course development tools. ATCs are assigned to clusters of academic disciplines across campus and exist to be faculty members' personal and single point of contact for all their technology needs.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of Client Services and the variety of technology support we offer.

Questions? Contact the Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.