'The Changing Faces of Minnesota

‘The Changing Faces of Minnesota – A Global Perspective’ gets student advisers

“The Changing Faces of Minnesota – A Global Perspective” is UST’s community-based learning experience that focuses on issues of diversity and globalization.

In its third year, this program has established a student advisory board comprised of 10 students from the 2003 and 2004 participants. The board will provide input for co-curricular and extra-curricular programming, mentoring of new students, input for the 14 fall courses, and additional links to Lincoln International School, the program’s major community partner.

The board members, all nominated by their professors, are:

  • Erik Barner
  • Anna Donnelly
  • Jill Englund
  • Ciedrick Griggs
  • Mara Hughes
  • Jenny Le
  • Erin Maye
  • Ben Nebo
  • Dietrick Nissen
  • Angela Wachira

Students from future cohorts will be added to the board so that there will be both continuity and input from the newest groups of students.

Information about “The Changing Faces of Minnesota – A Global Perspective” is available on the Service Learning Web site.