The Truth That Lies in "Time Flies"

What day is it? Month? Year? After watching Sunday night’ s episode of “Mad Men,” I woke up thinking it was surely the ’60s. Although it was a short-lived sense of disillusionment, I asked, “What season is it?” several times during the month of March. I’ve been seriously fooled by the balmy breezes and subtle sunburn, and utterly confused as to why the drinking fountains* along my favorite bike trails aren’t working.

As we transition from March to April (or is it the middle of June?) we find packed golf courses, beach volleyball in full swing and the need to swat those first few mosquitoes. Ah, the joys of spring.

For students, this marks the post-spring break point in the semester. Of course, now that I am in “The Real World,” there really is no such thing as Spring Break (they’re called vacation days, and you need to use them judiciously).

Although I am not in school, I am still startled by how fast this semester is flying by. I remember last March, returning from spring break exhausted and slightly sunburnt, ready for the “final kick” until graduation. It was more of a turbulent triathlon, but that’s another story. What really amazes me is that I’ve been out in “The Real World,” experiencing life beyond the Arches for nearly a year now. How does time fly so fast?

I look at my good old UST student ID (and shhhh, don’t tell, but I occasionally still use it for the J. Crew student discount), and see a bright-eyed, sun-kissed soon-to-be freshman in college staring at me. Yes, I look much younger which is frightening, but the good news is, five years later I am still smiling. When it comes to my time at St. Thomas – the connections made and paths paved, I am extremely grateful.

So, gear up for the “final kick,” seniors (warning: it’s no senior citizen swim class – no offense, grandmas), and brace yourself because within a blink of an eye that job that you have been agonizing over finding will be yours and the anxiety associated with apartment hunting will be no more.

Times flies. Have fun. Enjoy spring!

* Drinking fountains: Better known as “bubblers” to those who sport Green and Gold. My fellow Wisconsin natives will shame me for my word choice in this post.