The Value of an Elective Hong Kong

Global Financial Services was one of the most important classes that I took during my UST MBA .  The course gave me practical experience in an emerging economic power.  In the next 20 years, China will likely have more than just a voice and place at the table when it comes to business/economics in the world.  I firmly believe after the experience that China will have a chance to co-lead the world with the United States.

I saw a country and global financial system that has already begun to challenge previously held political and economical theory.  With the shift in the world economics it is imperative for an MBA to at the bare minimum have an understanding of the Chinese culture.  The Global Financial Services trip has shown me the future possibilities in the world.

However, the course wasn’t just all about the economics and global markets.  We also enjoyed a great balance of activities that helped immerse the class in the Chinese culture.  The class made the trek to Victoria Peak, visited the Big Buddha statue, and went on day trips to Macau and other cultural locations.  We also got to negotiate with street venders and hone our skills from MGMT 808 “Negotiations Skills Management.”  It was one of my favorite classes and experiences during the program and any student that decides to take this course won’t be disappointed.

Numerous UST MBA students have had the opportunity to participate in the Hong Kong seminar; you can see more photos and read additional insights from Full-time UST MBA student Trevor Mulvey, who also participated this year.

Spencer Wiggins is an Evening UST MBA student who participated in the "Global Financial Services" J-Term Study Abroad trip to Hong Kong.