Third week of semester sees 'little to no change' in the number of flu cases here

Madonna McDermott, director of the University of St. Thomas Student Health Service and Wellness Center, reports that the university has seen "little to no change from previous weeks" in the number of N1H1 flu (or Influenza-Like Illness) cases on campus.

McDermott's weekly update is now posted on university's Pandemic Web site. This is the university's designated site for sharing flu-related announcements to students, staff and faculty. If information needs to be shared sooner than on a weekly basis, announcements will be made in Bulletin Today or sent via a Bulletin Update e-mail.

In this week's update on the Pandemic site, McDermott reports that St. Thomas has had 60 cases since the start of the semester and that most students with the flu have  fully recovered and have returned to their classes.

The majority of flu cases, she reports, have been experienced by students who do not live on campus.