Presentation to Provide Overview of Tobacco Industry Marketing Tactics

Betsy Brock, director of research for the Association of Nonsmokers-Minnesota, will give a presentation on “Tobacco Industry Marketing Practices: Pricing and Disparities” on Tuesday, April 5. Students, faculty and staff are invited to this event from noon to 1 p.m. in Room 203, Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex.

The tobacco industry markets products in a variety of ways. Increasingly, the industry is using direct mail and Web marketing to increase customer loyalty and distribute coupons. These tobacco coupons can reduce the price of tobacco products greatly, especially when they are combined with in-store promotions.

Brock's presentation will provide an overview of these different marketing strategies and discuss how the tobacco industry uses them locally to manipulate prices, reduce the impact of tobacco tax increases, increase consumption and target certain populations.

This event is sponsored by the Health and Human Performance Department.