Twin Cities No. 4 Job Market In U.S.


A new report by Forbes Magazine calls the Twin Cities one of the nation’s top job markets, perhaps offering a little hope for people who have long been looking for work.  --Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

The interesting thing about this to me is the other cities above us on the list: Washington D.C., Boston and Austin, Texas. I used to live in Washington, and it makes sense with the political/government job scene there that unemployment is low. I don't know as much about Boston or Austin though -- perhaps they are just doing a good job of flying under the radar!

As a side note, I wonder if we here in the Twin Cities are ever at a disadvantage when it comes to statistics like these. Who decides when Minneapolis and St. Paul are counted together and when they are counted separately? I was reviewing a case competition submission this week suggesting marketing in the "top 20 cities" and though Minneapolis is #48 and St. Paul is #65, combined they would be #20, and the Twin Cities media market is #15. There are various discussions (not official) on-line about merging the two cities. Perhaps I'm biased, but I did mark that case submission down a point or two.