An aerial view of the Anderson Student Center, John P. Monahan Plaza, and the fountain.

Undergraduate Student Government Writes Open Letter to St. Thomas Community

Dear St. Thomas Community,

Enough is enough. Acts of racism and prejudice have become far too engrained into the culture of St. Thomas. As the Undergraduate Student Government, we condemn all blatant and implicit racial discrimination that takes place on our campus. Black students need our support now more than ever before. Silence is dangerously complicit.

Historically underrepresented and marginalized students are balancing their work, family, and social lives, all while navigating an educational system that was not built for them. From curriculum structure to classroom dynamics, inequities are still pertinent in today’s institutions. Time and time again, they have been ostracized by the rhetoric that is perpetuated in higher education.

The University and Administration have always had the responsibility and power to create an environment that responds to the needs of its students, especially students of color. By the time we have reacted to these acts of hate, we have been too late. The system must change to become proactive in protecting its students and denouncing discrimination. All students have the right to a safe and inclusive experience throughout their time at the University of St. Thomas.

There will be an open dialogue will be held TODAY from 12-1pm in McNeely Hall (MCH) 100 hosted by The Black Empowerment Student Alliance and Asian Students in America Club. Please check the Black Empowerment Student Alliance Facebook page for all updates.

Moreover, on Thursday, October 25 there will be a sit-in in the atrium of the Anderson Student Center during convo hour. Please begin to arrive at 11:50am. Post sit-in, there will be discussion about next steps at 5:00pm in the Sunberg Student Leadership Center on the 3rd floor of ASC. We encourage students, faculty, and external members of the community to attend in support.

The Undergraduate Student Government is committed to standing up for marginalized voices in our St. Thomas community, therefore we have made the decision to cancel our general council meeting on Thursday to join alongside our peers. No one has the right to challenge one another’s dignity. The University’s work to end normalized discrimination should never cease, and we will work hand-in-hand with them to create an equitable campus.

In Solidarity,

Undergraduate Student Government