Update Your Emergency Notification Preferences

USTALERT is the official emergency notification system at the University of St. Thomas and is activated by the university's Department of Public Safety. USTALERT is used to warn the St. Thomas community of existing or imminent emergencies on or near campus.

Individuals may now customize how they will receive USTALERT notifications. To update your preferences, log in to Murphy Online, click Personal Information and then click Add/Update Emergency Notification System. You will be given the option to select one or all of the following options:

  • Text message
  • Voice notification on your mobile phone
  • Voice notification on your home phone

Notifications will continue to be sent via university email and assigned campus phones (in offices and residence halls), and also will appear on the university's website, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

For more information on the USTALERT emergency notification system, visit UST CARES.