UST in the News

UST in the news

Here's a roundup of recent St. Thomas mentions of interest in various media.

Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status, so be sure to read stories soon if you’re interested. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s Web site in order to access the stories.

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  • “Shooter,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 14, 2006. Sports columnist Charley (“Shooter”) Walters writes, “Plans are for Buzz Hannahan, the former University of St. Thomas All-America infielder who played seven years in the Philadelphia Phillies' system, to leave for Bridgeport, Conn., on Monday to play shortstop for the Atlantic League independent club, then join the Houston Astros' Class AAA club in Round Rock (Texas).”
  • “The end of the line,” Star Tribune, April 15, 2006. “Retired University of St. Thomas manufacturing professor Fred Zimmerman said the threat of the plant's closing should have been foreseen. ‘A monkey with a lobotomy could have seen this coming a mile away,’ Zimmerman said.”
  • “Uncle Sam's refunds: Windfall or shortfall?” Star Tribune, April 15, 2006. “And he wouldn't have it any other way. The 59-year-old senior gifts officer at the University of St. Thomas knows how to adjust his withholding: He has a tax-return preparation business on the side. Rowan subscribes to the belief that refunds are forced savings, a way to pay for large purchases free and clear or to invest for the future.”
  • “The dogmas of war,” South China Morning Post, April 16, 2006. In this Hong Kong English-language newspaper: “An associate professor of law at the University of St Thomas in the US city of Minneapolis, Robert Delahunty, suggested that the Geneva Conventions provided too much protection to terrorists and that a rethink of that aspect was worthwhile. 'It's possible that the pendulum with regard to protections of those combatants who do not fight by the laws of war, who don't distinguish themselves openly from civilians, might need to be reassessed,' Mr Delahunty, who previously served in the US Justice Department, where he co-authored a controversial memo on the treatment of prisoners of war, said. 'But that should be a big debate among legal academics, political leaders, the public, the media, the civil liberties and human rights groups.' He told the Sunday Morning Post that when the conventions applied to a particular situation, 'they are the law'. As such, the US and Britain had 'held them to apply correctly to the conflict in 2003 in Iraq'.” Subscribers can read the full text at or use LexisNexis from the library's databases site to find it free.
  • “Barry D. Cytron: A long way home, and yet not so very far,” Star Tribune, April 16, 2006. Opinion columnist Cytron, a rabbi, is director of the Jay Phillips Center for Jewish-Christian Learning, a partnership of the University of St. Thomas and St. John’s University.
  • “Growing numbers of Minnesotans demand U.S. action on Darfur,” Star Tribune, April 16, 2006. “‘Do you want to help end genocide in Sudan?’ Megan Bellin of Bloomington appealed to students heading into a cafeteria at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Dozens stopped to write e-mails and letters to the White House.”
  • “Sunday Super Shooter,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 16, 2006. “Former Humboldt High School and University of St. Thomas baseball and hockey star Ken Staples, who went on to manage in the Twins' farm system and is in several sports halls of fame, will be roasted and toasted by the Old Timers Hockey Association on April 25 at the Prom Center in Oakdale. For ticket information, call 651-771-0881.”
  • “Real Estate: Vacancy rates edge lower,” Star Tribune, April 17, 2006. Real estate columnist Susan Feyder writes, “Meanwhile the University of St. Thomas' College of Business is launching a 14-week commercial real estate specialist program designed to recruit and train people of color for careers in commercial and industrial real estate.”
  • “Outside consultant,” Star Tribune, April 17, 2006. Answers to business-related questions in this weekly column are provided by the John M. Morrison Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas.
  •  “MBAs are graduating for good,” Star Tribune, April 17, 2006. Business columnist Neal St. Anthony writes, “Here are several top-flight students. They're about to graduate from the University of St. Thomas, and, I hope and trust, embody the aspirations and sensibilities of thousands of MBAs across the nation who will receive their degrees this spring. … ”
  • “Ambition takes local woman to Baltimore,” Star Tribune, April 17, 2006. “Miss Minnesota USA, Dottie Cannon of Eagan, is competing Friday in the Miss USA pageant.” She’s a 2005 St. Thomas alumna.
  • “St. Paul native paints bleak Iraq picture in 'The Kurds,'” St. Paul Pioneer Press, April 17, 2006. “Those places are a long way from [Kevin] McKiernan's childhood home in ‘an old, rambling Victorian’ on St. Paul's Osceola Avenue, where he lived with his parents, Eoin and Jeannette, and eight siblings. Kevin's father, who died in 2004, was chairman of the University of St. Thomas English department and internationally known for his promotion of Irish culture and language. Eoin McKiernan founded the Irish American Cultural Institute and established Irish Books and Media in Minneapolis, run now by Kevin's sister, Ethna. McKiernan graduated from the University of St. Thomas and holds a law degree from Northeastern University Law School in Boston. He lives now in Santa Barbara , Calif., with his wife, Catalina.”