Student Experience Time Capsule: Anticipation

As a UST MBA alumnus, I have fuzzy memories of my mindset before my first semester and throughout the program. What I do remember from nine years ago when I began my MBA journey is that the mix of emotions about starting school again ranged from excitement to anxiety and almost everything in between. Semester to semester, my way of thinking evolved as I hit various program milestones; from first big paper to choosing electives, my first group project to the countdown of class sessions until graduation.

I get to relive all of it each semester as I help to admit a new group of students to UST's graduate business degree programs. Because I didn't document my own experience, I thought it would be interesting to keep a modern time capsule of sorts by asking students starting a graduate business program this fall semester to (anonymously) share their experience now—and periodically throughout the program.

Today's topic: anticipation. The excitement and nervousness that accompany starting an MBA.

What are you most excited about?

“I think I’m most excited about the struggle. I know that sounds like a very strange thing to be most excited about.  I get so much more satisfaction out of the work I do when I have to spend time learning it and struggling to get it. Then all of a sudden the light bulb comes on. It’s the best feeling.”

“I am excited to start my first class after being out of school for over ten years.  I look forward to meeting new people and growing my professional network.“

“I am most excited about exchanging new ideas with my classmates in an academic setting free of corporate politics.”

“I am most excited to start learning from my professors and from other students’ experiences.  It’s going to be really exciting to have an engaging conversation with everyone in the classroom contributing their experiences.  Additionally, I am really excited to start learning the material and applying it back to my job right away!”

“I am excited about all the new thought strategies I’ll be exposed to during this program. I am also excited to build meaningful connections with a diverse group of peers and colleagues.”

“I am excited to be doing something for myself.  Achieving a master’s degree has always been on my bucket list and taking a step toward attaining that goal feels very empowering. I can’t wait to meet new people and be inspired by all the different paths that become available to you as a student.”

What are you most nervous about?

“The amount of time spent studying, reading, and doing homework while also working full time and trying to maintain a somewhat decent social life.  I think it’s going to be more overwhelming than I’m anticipating.”

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the first day of class would be the amount of homework I am going to get and how I am going to find the time to juggle homework with a newborn and full-time work.”

“I am a little apprehensive about being able to balance work, school, studying, and my social life.  I am hoping that I will be able to find a healthy balance throughout my first semester.  I am sure this will take time, and after a semester or two it will be even easier than I thought!”

“For some reason I decided to take Statistics first. I’m pretty nervous about how hard that class will be.”

“As a student of the UST Evening MBA program I am nervous about juggling all the responsibilities of my job and loved ones in addition to going back to school. While I’ve always been comfortable in the classroom setting I am nervous about the college logistics that seem long forgotten from undergrad. Silly things like navigating registration, planning out my classes and finding my way on campus are my most immediate concerns. On a more serious note, a MBA is a massive investment.  In a fast moving digital age where so much information is accessible to anyone willing to learn I am nervous that the investment will pay off in terms of career position and salary.”

Watch for future updates from our Student Experience Time Capsule throughout the next few semesters as we keep up with students during their time in the program.