Wellness Center offers Sunscreen Hunt's second clue

Wellness Center offers Sunscreen Hunt's second clue

From the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center continues Sun Safety Week with Sunscreen Safety Hunt's Clue No. 2 and the daily Sun Safety Quiz.

The Sun Safety Sunscreen Hunt is open to all current St. Thomas students. The rules are similar to those of other on-campus treasure hunts: The sunscreen will be hidden on the St. Paul campus; a new clue will be published each weekday in Bulletin Today; and you do not need to tip, dismantle, mangle, uproot or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure.

Please be kind to the campus during your hunt. To win, find the sunscreen and return it to the Wellness Center in the lower level of Koch Commons. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the UST bookstore.

The daily Sun Safety Quiz questions also will appear in Bulletin Today and on the Wellness Center Web site. The questions will relate to sun safety.

E-mail the Wellness Center or drop off answers at the Wellness Center (lower level, Koch Commons). The person with the most correct answers for the week (total of five questions), will win a gift certificate for $25 to the Bookstore.

* * *

Tuesday, May 12

Sunscreen hunt Clue No 2:

Go outside and enjoy the fresh air.  
Look in, around and under if you dare.

Quiz question:

What are the ABCDs of skin cancer?

* * *

Monday, May 11

Sunscreen hunt Clue No 1:

Are you ready for some fun?
It is time to learn about safety in the sun.
Let your compass be your guide,
But don’t forget to wear sunscreen outside.

Quiz question:

Each hour, how many Americans die from skin cancer?