Why is Workplace Diversity Important?

In an interconnected world the work of diversity and inclusion is vital to creating vibrant, successful organizations that are nimble enough to meet the challenges that rapid change presents. Having people in place who have experience with different cultures, value systems and ways of thinking allows leaders the opportunity to pursue business no matter the differences between organizations from dissimilar parts of the world.

Diversity is often misunderstood. It is so much more than a synonym for equal opportunity or affirmative action, and it is only part of the equation. You must have people from various backgrounds in place before you can take advantage of their experience and expertise, something essential in a global world. That is diversity, the first part of the equation. But to gain the full benefit of their understanding of difference from around the globe, these diverse people need to find a sense of belonging and a connection to the common goal of the organization. That is inclusion, the second part of the equation.

Without both halves the effort fails. Diversity does not serve its purpose if the people at the table don’t feel included in organization’s goals, that they have a significant role to play. Similarly, inclusion without difference has no meaning…who is to be included if everyone is alike?

Don’t let the word diversity catch you in a past paradigm. Look instead to the future, to a world where people from all backgrounds and many differences work together toward common goals using their different perspectives built from a world of difference to find organizational answers.

Steve Humerickhouse is executive director of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, taking place March 17-19, 2015.

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