Affinity Groups: A New Approach to Networking

One of the many reasons people choose to pursue a graduate business degree is to grow their personal and professional network. Classes provide an opportunity to meet new people both inside and outside one’s industry. After graduation, it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of work and family, and often people forget to connect with the vibrant network that exists within their current workplace.

The University of St. Thomas is working with corporations and businesses to create affinity groups of students and alumni within organizations. These groups will offer social outlets and networking opportunities for colleagues who’ve graduated from St. Thomas or are currently pursuing degrees.

This fall, St. Thomas and U.S. Bancorp co-hosted an affinity event that brought together students and alumni who are also current employees of U.S. Bank to celebrate the strong partnership between the two organizations. Nearly 100 attendees gathered to connect with each other and hear from University of St. Thomas president Julie Sullivan and U.S. Bank COO Andy Cecere. This event set the stage for an ongoing affinity group with the potential to have a large impact within U.S. Bank and the community.

Affinity groups rely on momentum and a core group of individuals who keep everyone connected, identify opportunities for future engagement and facilitate learning. Thank you to all those who were able to attend this first-of-its-kind event. We hope to facilitate many similar events that will allow for networking in this new and unique way.

Are you a member of our graduate business alumni community who is interested in starting an affinity group within your organization? Contact Amanda Wagner, assistant director of alumni & constituent relations, or call (651) 962-4253 for more information.