AMA Club Takes on Case Competition

It’s rare, very rare, that a school year comes to a close and the students here at the Opus College of Business have not brought home an award from a Case competition. Since 2010, in fact, there’s been only one year that a team from St. Thomas hasn’t placed in the top three at a competition.

Think about that for a second: Since 2010, we’ve consistently beaten Ivies from both coasts. Not bad for a scrappy bunch from the North.

That well-trodden path to national recognition starts early here at St. Thomas under the guidance of professor Kim Sovell and the American Marketing Association Club. This fall, Sovell has been working with more than 20 undergraduate business students to craft their inaugural submission to the AMA Case Competition. Several of these are first-year students and all are participating in this effort in addition to their regular classes and workload.

What makes this all the more meaningful is that the group is being supported by several of our current MBA students – students who are volunteering their time while working on their MBAs, working full-time and likely balancing a personal life. It just goes to show you that when we work hard and support each other, we’re kind of a big deal.

Students will submit their final papers to the competition on December 9, so let’s show them some love!

Members of the AMA Club include: Mallory Adamson, Brittney Adelman, Catherine Connelly, Sarah Cossette, Dan Herriges (president), Heather Kiber, Rhia Lapadat, Julia McClellan, Daesha Merkl, Mackenzie Nelson, Jenny Osland, Natalie Pawlyshyn, Delaney Peterson, Grace Rath, Hadley Ryan, Taylor Skorik, and Rose Whitney-Eliason. Graduate student volunteers are Amiri Brotherson, Greg Scholckelt, Chris Wilkins and Becky Zamora.