Ciresi Walburn

Anthony and Green Recognized as Outstanding Academic Advisors

Congratulations to Cara Anthony and Adam Green, who are the first two winners of a new faculty award that recognizes excellence in academic advising.

Anthony, an associate professor in the Theology department, has been named an outstanding advisor to first-year students. She was nominated by three of her Theology colleagues.

In their letter, Cara's nominators noted the strong relationships she has built with her advisees in the Commuter Learning Community and the Sustainability Living Learning Community. They also pointed out how effectively Cara helps support students in navigating curricular requirements, while also helping them learn to be independent and accountable for their own degrees. And finally, Cara’s colleagues wrote that she is a great supporter of advisor development programs, both as an attendee and a mentor.

Green, an associate professor from Physics, was nominated by his entire department. He is being recognized as an outstanding advisor to Physics majors.

In their nomination letter, Physics department faculty wrote that Green integrates advising into all of his activities, that his advice – about physics or just about navigating through college – changes students’ lives, and that the strong relationships he builds with students are evident every day. Green's department colleagues added that he contributes to a culture of strong advising on campus and serves as a mentor and role model for other faculty advisors.

Thanks to all of the nominators for this year’s award; the selection committee was inspired by each of nominations. And thanks to all St. Thomas faculty for the good work they do each day in advising our students.