Arnold Palmer’s Five Principles of Business

As I look over the list of 50+ attendees for the Third Annual Full-time UST MBA Student & Alumni Golf outing this weekend, it reminds me of an article I read online from Inc. Business Lessons Learned on the Golf Course.

The article states that golf “remains one of the greatest ways to build and maintain solid business relationships” and provides 5 of Arnold Palmer’s principles that are relevant to business.  These 5 principles are almost parallel to the strategies discussed in UST’s Graduate Business Career Services' Career Labs for Full-time MBA students.  Here’s a quick comparison:

  1. INC: “Always Give a Firm Handshake”
    GBCS:  Always give a firm handshake
  2. INC: “Don’t Dwell on Yesterday’s News”
    GBCS:  No matter what your background is, make it relevant to the position you are aspiring for.  Tell your story.
  3. INC: “Practice Like A Pro”
    GBCS: Practice your elevator pitch
  4. INC: “Use Fear For Fuel”
    GBCS: Be passionate about what you do and do it well.  Be persistent.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  5. INC: “Befriend Your Enemy…don’t think about your competitors as enemies, but as a challenge for you to work harder”
    GBCS: UST has a solid, accredited MBA program.  Be proud of it.  You’re just as good (if not better) than graduates from other accredited MBA programs.  Believe it.

So as you head out to the course possibly for one of the last times this season, remember that the golf course is a great place to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and cultivate lasting business relationships.  Just don’t forget to put a few business cards in your golf bag.