Beyond the Classroom: an MBA Career Checklist


Your GMAT test scores are in, class registration is complete, and school supplies are bought, any new graduate business student should feel rather relieved.  That is until classes start, group projects commence and midterms roll around.

The goal for many MBA students is not only to advance their education, but to propel their career. During the full-time MBA student launch week, professors remind each student that this two-year journey should be seen as a two-year job search. Whether you're simply seeking a wider knowledge base, or to transfer into a new occupation, here are three steps that serve as an essential addition to your rigorous UST business course work.

Graduate Business Check List

1. Compile a career history database.

checklistThis database serves as a skill inventory and position responsibility of every position you've held in the past.  Think of it as your own personal job description library for every occupation you've held in the past. Compiling this extensive document allows for quick and easy skill recognition and transference to any possible future occupation. With this index, customized resumes can easily be created and skills that may not have previously related to a current occupation will quickly benefit you a future sought after position.

2. Network with staff, faculty and especially classmates.

Importance is typically placed on connecting with working professionals, but classmates are an easy target for networking. You share class with them in an environment of learning and commonalities.  Each of the these groups has a work history, previous bosses and colleagues outside of UST that can quickly serve to build your network and industry knowledge.

3. Get involved, stay for the free food.

UST has numerous clubs for any type of student, each serves a particular function and industry of interest.  This does not mean that because you are a marketing student you should only attend the marketing events, it does mean Finance Club would be a great resource to learn about other possible companies you may know nothing about that have a stellar marketing department.

Lastly, St. Thomas loves to feed its students. People are happy when they are fed and engage in conversation (much more freely with alcohol, which UST also tends to serve).  I would highly recommend taking part in UST's regular Master's Pub, Open for Business and Intersections events.  They provide a wealth of trending industry insight—and a free meal doesn't hurt.

Focusing on one or all three of these items could greatly benefit any student. There are many other great ways to become a fully engaged student, we welcome any ideas shared below. How do you stay involved at UST?  Are there other items that should be included on this checklist? Let us know in the comments.