The announcement came this fall that students at the University of St. Thomas would be billed electronically and that paper statements would be a thing of the past; now, employee billing statements also will be produced exclusively in an electronic format. 

Typical charges incurred by UST employees can include parking citations, library fines and health service fees, to name a few. Employees will now be able to access, view and print their billing statements through Murphy online. Once logged into Murphy, employees will find the “eBill & ePay System” link on the page that includes Personal Information, Employee Services and Parking Services links.

Employees have the option of paying their billing statement electronically as well; however, if employees prefer, payments still can be mailed in or dropped off at either the St. Paul or Minneapolis Business Office locations.

Employees with billing charges will receive an automatic e-mail notification at the end of each month when the student billing statements also are produced. Typically, this production falls between the 21st and 24th of each month.

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