Career Link: 5 Ways to Get Promoted

According to Glenn Llopis, columnist for Forbes, the ground rules for getting promoted have evolved from performing well on your job description, delivering results, and following the status quo to a much more demanding and continually changing set of standards.  Today, Llopis says, you need to be a thought leader, able to drive change and innovation, and successfully manage through crisis.  Don’t despair.  He provides the following five suggestions for giving yourself a competitive advantage.

  1. Demonstrate a Strong Capacity for Growth.  You will need to continually invest in yourself and your capabilities.  Demonstrate a thirst for knowledge by taking courses in new knowledge areas, expand your network, and push to handle great responsibilities.
  2. Possess an Attractive Attitude.  Not only do you need a positive attitude, but one that is attractive to others.  If people want to work with you, there’s a better chance your strengths and abilities will be discovered.  Others will want to engage with you the higher your “likeability” factor. Be optimistic, show your empathy, and take time to show interest in others.  As Llopis states, “if people don’t like you – they will not trust you”.
  3. Have the Courage to Think Big and Take Risks.  Do you trust your gut to take bold action when you see the need or do you take small, calculated risks?  Llopis says now’s the time for you to allow your passion to surface and demonstrate the results of your hard work.  Success isn’t guaranteed but you’ll be respected.
  4. Earn the Trust of Others.  Trust doesn’t come from being liked.  It’s earned by doing great work again and again.  It comes from building rapport with others, communicating well, and being diplomatic through conflicts and tough times.  And, it’s about having a consistent brand.  Who can trust you if you’re inconsistent?
  5. Be Loyal at All Costs.  Be loyal to your company, to the brand, to your boss, to your colleagues.  If your values align with the organization, you can stay true to its mission despite the siren calls of recruiters and competitors.  If you trust others and they trust you, your loyalty will most likely be rewarded.

Set new goals for yourself to increase your chances of being promoted.  You create the opportunities and deliver.  You will be rewarded.