IRT Announces Big Changes Coming for UST Accounts and Passwords

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, IRT will implement a new identity management system to manage UST accounts and passwords. Further information is available on the IRT password management webpage.

This change will bring several improvements to the way accounts and passwords are used at UST:

  • Streamlined sign on: Account holders will use their UST username and password to log into Murphy online instead of their nine-digit UST ID (e.g., 100XXXXXX) and PIN.
  • Password changes: UST account passwords will expire every 365 days for students and every 90 days for faculty and staff. Passwords for all account holders will need to be a minimum of eight characters.
  • Online password resets: Users can reset their password easily through the self-service page − available 24 hours a day − over the Web.
  • Easy challenge question registration process: A onetime account setup process will allow account holders to setup their challenge questions. Those who forget their password can answer a series of challenge questions to reset their password and access their account.
  • Vanity email address: All UST users will be able to choose a vanity email from a prepopulated list based on their name, for example,

For more information contact the IRT Tech Desk by email,, or call (651) 962-6230.