Charitable Giving Campaign raises more than $53,000

Charitable Giving Campaign raises more than $53,000

A hearty "thank you" to all employees who participated in the 2007 Charitable Giving Campaign! Your contributions really demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact on the Twin Cities area in which we live.

Together, our St. Thomas community has raised $53,619.40 thus far for the seven supported federations (and other specifically designated charities). This is more than a 7 percent increase over last year's campaign.

The seven supported federations are:

  1. Community Health Charities
  2. Community Solutions Fund
  3. United Arts
  4. United Way
  5. Minnesota Environmental Fund
  6. Open Your Heart to the Hungry and the Homeless
  7. United Negro College Fund

Significantly, we had 127 pledges from people who were first-time contributors or who increased their pledge by 10 percent or more. A drawing was held among those in this category and the list of winners in the Charitable Giving Campaign can be found on the Charitable Giving Web site.

There were many offices and individuals that contributed services to make this year's campaign a success and we are most grateful to all of them. In particular, I want to thank Helen Hunter, our fearless coordinator for this very successful university effort. 

The theme for our 2007 St. Thomas Charitable Giving Campaign was: "Just imagine what we can do together!" Thanks to everyone for contributing to the dream!