Chemistry Department invites applications for Larson Scholarship

Chemistry Department invites applications for Larson Scholarship

The Chemistry Department invites chemistry and biochemistry majors who are in their third year of study at UST to apply for a William D. Larson Scholarship.

This scholarship, the highest such honor given by the department, is awarded to students who show exceptional achievement in the field of chemistry and who intend to pursue careers in chemistry, related fields or medicine.

The Larson Scholarship was established through an endowment by Dr. William D. Larson, a member of the chemistry faculty and a former chair of the Chemistry Department. Larson served the university as a teacher, counselor, administrator and benefactor for many years, and his generosity toward current and future students of chemistry continues through the scholarship that now bears his name, which he established through his estate.

The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. Thursday, March 19.

For more information and application forms, e-mail Dr. Joseph Brom, Chemistry Department chair, or visit the Larson Scholarship page of the Chemistry Department Web site. Application forms can be downloaded from the site.