Children of Alcoholics Week offers information and resources

Children of Alcoholics Week offers information and resources

From the Wellness Center

An estimated one-in-four college students grew up with a parent who abused alcohol or other drugs.

Myth: Even though my mom or dad is an alcoholic, I know how to drink without letting it get out of hand.

Reality: Maybe; maybe not. Children who grow up in homes with parental alcoholism are three to four times more likely to become alcoholics themselves. Although you may think that you will never end up like your parents with a drinking or other drug problem, when you grow up exposed to substance abuse in your family, you are already at high risk for just that.

– Phoenix House

The week of Feb. 12-18 is Children of Alcoholics Week. During this week, the Wellness Center urges anyone interested to look at the Facts on Tap Web site for facts, tips and resources about alcohol and your family, aimed specifically at college students.

The Web site also offers interactive quizzes, myth busters and suggestions for paying attention to your own use of alcohol and drugs.

UST offers two alcohol awareness groups that take place on campus: Al-Anon, a support group for families and friends of alcoholics, and Alcoholics Anonymous, a support group for recovering alcoholics and people who want to abstain from alcohol.

If you’re interested in attending a meeting of either or both of these groups, e-mail the Wellness Center.