CILCE Corner: Welcome Back From Spring Break

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Community Engagement hopes everyone had a safe and happy spring break. It seems like just yesterday that break began and now, before you know it, we’re back to setting our alarms; coincidentally, it seems as though the weather has been a reflection of students' moods. Happy and anxious for spring break, we were granted sun and warmer weather. Then came Monday, and we awoke to a dark and rainy morning. But of course, that’s not to infer we’re not happy to be back in the classroom. Everyone loves a gloomy Monday morning – right?

Be that as it may, CILCE hopes spring break allowed you the opportunity to catch up with old friends, spend time with family and wrestle around with your furry friends back at home. For those of you who were able to travel to warmer weather, we are jealous. And for those of you who gave up your spring break for a service-learning trip such as VISION or Students Today Leaders Forever, CILCE would like to thank you. Thank you for breaking the college student spring break stereotype and supporting the university’s and the CILCE mission of giving back to our communities for a greater good.

Regardless of how you chose to spend your break, we hope you took the time to look around, engage in your surroundings, and be thankful. Spring break is the perfect time to take our noses out of the textbooks and realize the great community of people we are surrounded by.

I know CILCE is grateful for the team of student workers and volunteers who keep our programs alive and well. Speaking on behalf of the student workers, we are especially thankful for our CILCE director, Kate Caffrey, and our administrative assistant, Teresa Sweeney. You can look up CILCE names and faces on our website to learn more about us.

Welcome back to reality and thank goodness for Coffee Bené so close at hand in the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library!