Consider a minor in Middle Eastern studies

Consider a minor in Middle Eastern studies

Consider a minor in Middle Eastern studies – an academic program made possible by the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities – to complement your major.

Reasons to study the Middle East:

  • The Middle Est has global significance and is vital to the national interests of many countries, including the United States.
  • The region offers numerous opportunities for business and the professions. Advance your career opportunities in international finance, economics, communication, journalism, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other industries.
  • The minor can complement a major in international studies, political science, business, journalism and others.
  • Arabic is an international language, one of the official languages of the United Nations and spoken by almost 300 million people. It is in high demand for work in the U.S. government, which lists it as a "critical" language.
  • The area specialization of the minor offers students the opportunity to learn about the religions, economics, historical and political developments, literature, philosophy and cultures of the Middle Eastern peoples and countries. Its interdisciplinary approach applies the theory and methodology of several disciplines to a common subject matter.

The minor includes a foundations course and five area studies courses, which can include courses taken abroad in Arab universities. Arabic language courses are taught at St. Thomas, and Hebrew at Macalester College. The first year of Arabic will be offered this summer at UST.

For a full listing of courses available at the ACTC schools, see the ACTC Web site. For more information about the Middle Eastern studies minor, contact MES advisers at St. Thomas: Dr. Pamela Nice or Dr. Elizabeth Klages.