Direct deposit advices will be available electronically

Direct deposit advices will be available electronically

From the Payroll Department

The Payroll Department is pleased to announce that employees using direct deposit for their net pay now will be able to access their Direct Deposit Advice (pay stub) electronically, effective with the March 30, 2007, payroll. The Direct Deposit Advice can be accessed through Murphy Online under Employee Services / Pay Information / Pay Stub.

Employees will continue to receive a paper copy of their Direct Deposit Advice through the April 13, 2007, payroll. Effective with the April 27, 2007, payroll, only employees without access to e-mail or Murphy Online will receive the paper copy. This change will result in better accessibility to records for employees. Employees will no longer have to worry about losing Direct Deposit Advices and if needed for tax preparation at year-end, all notices for the year will be available online. In addition, this change will provide an annual savings of $12,000 by reducing our paper and printing costs.

Employes who do not currently have their paychecks and accounts payable reimbursements directly deposited to their personal bank accounts can complete the authorization form and send it to Payroll at Mail AQU 221.

Any employee that does not currently have access to Murphy Online or an e-mail account, can request access by contacting the IRT help desk, (651) 962-6230.