Don’t Be a Lazy Job-Seeker

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an interesting article, No Market for a Lazy Job Seeker. The author makes valid points stating the heavy job competition due to the current unemployment rate has made it more and more difficult to “post and pray.” In today’s job market you need to be on your game and make job-searching a full-time job, and one that you do well.

Many of the suggested strategies include networking, resume customization, and social media all of which UST's Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) emphasizes.  We thought it might be a good time, with school starting and summer wrapping up, to remind everyone how our office assists student and alumni with career strategizing.

Resume Assistance:  We have a staff of well-trained professionals with backgrounds ranging from recruiting, marketing, accounting, organizational development, and counseling who are here to help you in your resume creation.  If you are applying for specific positions and need advice on perfecting your resume to match the job of your dreams, let us help.  We can review your resume with you in person, over email, or through Career Link.

Networking: It’s the buzzword of the decade and while the  term can be overused it doesn’t negate the importance of the tool.  Most of the jobs you land in your future will be from someone you know.  So get to know A LOT of people.  Learn from those people, listen to those people, and attend events with those people who are in your industry.  GBCS organizes many events each semester to encourage networking between our students, alumni, and the professionals in our community.  Check out our website for upcoming events.

Also don’t forget the importance of social media and how impactful it can be in your job search.  Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and that you are using Facebook and Twitter to your advantage.  Also join Opus College of Business LinkedIn group and join the discussions.  The more you actively participate in professional social networking, the more visible your brand.

Interviewing: GBCS has partnered with InterviewStream to offer students and alumni free interview practice over the computer.  Users have the ability to customize their questions and practice answering them.  Your Career Coach will then assess your “interview” and give you relevant feedback ensuring you are answering each behavioral interview question appropriately with the right level of enthusiasm.  Interviewing is an art that actually does need to be practiced.

These are just a few of the services Graduate Business Career Services offers.  We have a career resource center with books, newsletters, and articles etc. that focus on the job search.   Stop in and see what we have to offer.  We are here to help!