Eighteen Seniors Nominated for Tommie Award

Eighteen seniors have been nominated by students, faculty and staff for the 2015 Tommie Award. The nominees are:

Harrison Aslesen
Chad Berg
Joshua Corbin
Kara Gamelin
Michaela Hughbanks
Brittanie Hundt
Kody Kantor
Mariann Kukielka
Megan Lauzon
Joseph Lewis
Heather Meeks
Jennifer Murtha
Christine Robbins
Caroline Rode
Peter Scheerer
Jade Schleif
Lisa Thao
Tanesha Williams

To view profiles of the 18 seniors nominated for the 2014 Tommie Award, please visit the Tommie Award website. Profiles include a picture of each nominee along with a resume and testimonials.

Preliminary voting for three Tommie Award finalists will take place Dec. 8-10. Undergraduate students, faculty and staff will receive an email containing voting instructions.

For more information, please contact the Tommie Award coordinator, Vern Klobassa, by phone, (651) 962-6464, or email, or visit the Tommie Award website.

The Division of Student Affairs is the proud sponsor of the Tommie Award.