Payroll lists time sheet procedures for end of spring term

Due to the end of spring term, there will be early deadlines for payroll action items.

Action items subject to the early deadlines include:

  • All student time sheets must be completed and submitted electronically to supervisors for approval by the end of the academic year, Friday, May 21.
    • Make sure these time sheets are submitted before you leave campus for the summer.
    • Because May 21 is the end of spring term, students will not be able to log onto their academic year time sheets after that day.
  • If students will be working past May 21, they will need to submit a Student Employment Form for the summer term via Murphy Online prior to the first day they work in the summer term.
  • All other employee time sheets must be submitted by Monday, May 24.
  • All direct deposit and tuition deduction forms must be turned in to the Payroll Department by Friday, May 21.
  • If you would like to have your checks mailed to a different address in the summer months, you must log on to Murphy Online, Personal Information, Update Addresses and Phones, and change your payroll check mailing address to the address where you want your checks mailed.