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Linda Halverson presents 'Learning to Love Mondays' Jan. 25 and Feb. 22

Have you started thinking about your New Year's resolutions?

This is the time of year when we begin to think about setting goals and making improvements for the New Year. The Leadership Academy invites you to attend the motivational program "Learning to Love Mondays."

Do you ever think work would be great if only you had more career choices, more time with your family, more money, if you didn't work with a jerk, if you had better assignments, if you had a better staff? Do you ever think the grass must be greener somewhere else? Maybe the grass is green enough right where you are but you just can't see it! Maybe you don't have to leave your job but instead learn how to love it. Maybe you shouldn't fire your staff but instead fire them up!

Register for this two-part series and learn nine questions and six strategies to help you learn how to love your job, love your staff and love Mondays.

"Learning to Love Mondays: Nine Questions and Six Strategies to Motivate Yourself and Your Staff," presented by Linda Halverson

  • Part 1 – Thursday, Jan. 25
  • Part 2 – Thursday, Feb. 22

Visit Training Online to register today.