Family Studies Offers Information Session on Marriage and Family Therapy, and Local Graduate Programs

Want to learn a little bit more about what you can do with a family studies degree? Or about the Family Studies program here at St. Thomas? Or about the work and/or required education of marriage and family therapists?

From 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday, April 28, in Room 209, O'Shaughnessy Educational Center, join the Family Studies Club, Dr. Carol Bruess, director of Family Studies at the University of St. Thomas, and Dr. Steve Peltier – a licensed marriage and family therapist and director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at St. Mary’s University, Minneapolis – for conversation and information about graduate school, Family Studies, and the profession of marriage and family therapy.

All students are welcome. Information about the family studies minor will be available, as will opportunities for conversation with the new Family Studies Club executive board and its members. If you cannot attend but are interested in learning more about a minor or individualized major in family studies at St. Thomas, contact  Bruess, Room 125, O'Shaughnessy Educational Center, (651) 962-5829.