Finding balance between social media and "real life"

Recently, I happened upon one of my favorite blogs only to read an entry that dealt with the importance of boundaries when it comes to being “plugged in.”  In an age where social media reigns and networking is continuous, it got me thinking about boundaries and to a greater extent how much balance people have in their lives.  It’s one thing to own an iPhone or regularly check your wall on Facebook, but how much time and energy should one expend each day in order to remain connected?  What happened to remaining balanced?

So many people are attached to BlackBerries and laptops.  Blogging, tweeting, text messaging, and emailing are as natural as breathing.  Do they have to be?  Must we remain open and available to all calls, text messages, and tweets that come in every 24 hours?

Balance is essential.  Are we too caught up in the constant stream of information brought immediately to our fingertips every second of every day?  I worry how many people are able to put aside their phones, close up their laptops, and really listen.  Listening, and listening with the ear of the heart, is the most important aspect to any dialog and is vital for capturing and maintaining real connections.

I encourage and perhaps challenge you to unplug and go without your iPhone or laptop for 24 hours. Does the thought alone send you into a panic?  Do you find it too much of a risk?  Let’s put boundaries and balance back into our routines.  You will find that boundaries can create space and allow us simply to be.  In doing so, we hear, see, and live in the present moment.  Our senses can be awakened and we can become more mindful of our lives and what truly matters.