Finding the Fit

We in admissions enjoy sifting through our applications, noting why each applicant has interest in an MBA, how they foresee themselves utilizing it, and what specifically brought them to apply to the University of St. Thomas.  To be honest, one of my favorite parts of my job is reading the essays submitted, where these reasons and explanations are addressed.  Each person’s path is unique and interesting, and seeing into this window of sorts is a privilege.  “How they’re coming at it” is what interests me most—once we know this, it’s an enjoyable journey with every applicant.

A recent article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek spoke to finding the right school and the importance of "fit" to an MBA program.  We at the University of St. Thomas could not agree more when it comes to fit and finding a niche in a school.  Many times culture of the program isn’t necessarily given much weight by an applicant when initially applying.  It deserves weight and consideration.  As the article points out, finding a culture that one feels passionate about is key.  Rod Garcia, senior director of admissions at MIT Sloan School of Management noted it this way: “One’s happiness and how well the school’s offerings match an applicant’s needs should take precedence.”

Not only is it important that we know our applicants, but it’s also vital that they know why they are choosing the school they are.  “Really, really understand what you want to get out of your time at business school,” Timothy Hanlon, graduate of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management writes. “A lot of schools offer a lot of things, but only you know what you want and need.  If you don’t pick a school based on your best shot at those, you may as well not go.”

For those interested in pursuing an MBA, we invite you to visit campus and experience what we have to offer.  Come see if St. Thomas is the right fit for you!  You may attend a class, have lunch with a current student, tour the campus, and/or speak to the admissions team.  Our doors are open and we’d love to host you!